For the past five years, the European Stroke Winter School, endorsed by the ESO, ESNR and ESMINT, has been held in Bern, Switzerland. Its approach is unique: Interventionists and neurologists from an existing or potential stroke treatment site apply together to attend the course, and are trained together to go home and start their service. In recent years, more than 300 participants from over 20 countries have participated. The course format has turned out to be a successful way to spark interest in providing comprehensive and endovascular stroke treatment services throughout Europe.

Due to limited capacity, we have had to reject half the applicants each year; a large number of whom are from Asia. Recent events, in particular the 2018 AAFITN congress, have impressively demonstrated the spirit and potential of the Asian neurovascular community to build up stroke treatment networks and to improve acute stroke treatment in their region. In close cooperation with the organizational committee at the Inselspital Bern and the Interventional Neuroradiology Society of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam we have decided to hold an additional course dedicated especially for participants in Asia: The Asian Stroke Summer School 2019.

The program includes lectures given by an Asian and international faculty on stroke treatment as well as technical and clinical tutorials. A special focus will be put on communicating the technical skills of thrombectomy in hands-on sessions using silicon models, simulators and animal models. In addition, the course will pay particular attention to addressing the local challenges. These include building up large-scale regional and national stroke treatment networks and establishing a dedicated education program for complex clinical and interventional stroke treatment in Asia. The Summer School will have places for up to 100 participants, 50 neurologists and 50 interventionists. The educational program is endorsed by the main European, Asian and global societies involved in acute stroke treatment: ESO, ESMINT, AAFITN and WFITN.

The Stroke Summer School will take place in Cần Thơ in the heart of the Mekong Delta